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Smart Remote Control

Integrating the traditional remote control, keyboard mouse and microphone, it is an easyoperated multi-function unit of Multi-touch,gesture recognition and voice control.

USB 3.0

The newly upgraded USB 3.0 brungs better high-bandwidth and high-speed trans

 mission. Digital files display will never delay or block.


Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi module in our new lntelligent 3D TV gives you wireless access to the

 lnternet and boundless communication to the world.

Dual-band WIFI

Having 2.4GHz+5GHz dual band double transceiver and applying the 5th generation

 802.11ac standard to make faster and more stable.

MHL Interface

Image from mobile phone or Ultrabook transmits to TV witout 

attenuation through the new MHL interface. 


Realizing transmission of higher quality picture via internet, and supporting 

most advanced video decoding technology at present

Leading-edge Original Android 5.1 Platform

The Android 5.1 platform solved the slow response problem that caused by system 

program recompilation after TV turning on. Using only 1G memory, the entire 

system is running as smoothly as iOS system.

New UI Design

The new UI includes more wonderful contents and the design is clear and

 the usage is easy for every family member.

Abundant Terminal Design   

Upgrading RM/RMVB to 720P HD format to access all kinds of media devices used by the current family, such as DVD, mobile phone, digital camera, computer,

USB flash drive and hard disk. The HDMI 1.4 interface can finish full nondestructive transmission of the HD audio frequency and 3D

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